Flipkart upcoming sale 2021 -The Best sale in India


Flipkart upcoming sale 2021 is the latest and trending sale on the Flipkart website. As 2021 is born, people are excited about the new year, and with the same excitement, people are waiting and excited about the upcoming sale on Flipkart.

The Flipkart website is a leading and popular shopping website among people in India. This article gives a clear picture of the offers and discounts on various goods on Flipkart.

Before the evolution of the internet, people usually visited shops and stores directly to purchase clothes and goods. They might not be aware of the discounts and offers on goods when they did not visit the store.

But now, everything has become digital and people now prefer online shopping rather than visiting the stores. This resulted in the popularity of online shopping sites among people.

Before getting into knowing about the upcoming sale 2021 on Flipkart, first, let us know about the Flipkart website. 

Flipkart is one of the leading and popular online shopping website in India which provides various goods such as clothes, accessories, books and home appliances.

They are popular among Indian people and many people prefer shopping on Flipkart. Flipkart is a safe, secure, and trustworthy website and so people prefer this website for their online shopping.

Even though there exist many websites such as Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa for online shopping, Flipkart provides best offers on various products on their site.

Because of the huge popularity and increasing customers on this website, Flipkart is frequently conducting fashion and season sales for a specific period where you can find huge offers on products than usual.

Let us know about the upcoming sales 2021 on Flipkart.


Flipkart upcoming sale 2021-Let us know the best upcoming deals of 2021 on the Flipkart website. Here is a complete list of upcoming sales on Flipkart along with the dates and details.

Find the products of your favorite brands at huge offers and discounts on Flipkart upcoming sales 2021. These offers and discounts may vary based on the credit or debit cards you use for shopping, the brands, and so on.

However, these offers would excite people who love shopping. The offers and discounts are provided for certain periods frequently especially during festive occasions. People can enjoy those festive seasons by shopping on Flipkart website.

Let us look in detail at the various upcoming sales on Flipkart for the year 2021.

Upcoming sales in 2021 on FlipkartPeriod of the salesDetails
Flipkart TV days6th to 9th January 2021Get Offers on Television sets of all top brands
Grand Gadget Days8th to 10th January 2021,23rd to 26th January 2021Get your favourite gadgets at lower prices than usual on Flipkart
Flipkart Republic day sale19th to 22nd January 2021Get 50% to 80% off on clothes, accessories, laptops
Flipkart MI day sale28th to 30th January 2021Get Exclusive offers on MI smartphones and accessories
Flipstart days1st to 3rd February 2021,1st to 3rd March 2021,1st to 3rd April 2021,1st to 3rd June 2021The skincare, Baby care and Fashion products are available at flat 80% off
Apple days5th to 8th February 2021Get exciting offers on Apple iPhones, iPods and Mac books
Flipkart fashion days8th to 11th February 2021Fashion accessories starting at Rs.299
Valentines day sale14th February 2021Exclusive offers on Gift items to gift your beloved ones
Grand Home Appliances Sale15th to 18th February 2021,24th to 28th August 2021,9th to 14th September 2021Get various discounts on various home appliances such as Air conditioners, Refrigerators, and many more
Laptop Bonanza17th to19th February 2021Get up to 40% off on all top-branded laptops
Mobile Bonanza sale17th to 21st February 2021Best offers on Smartphones, Grab your favourite one!
Big Steel of the week26th to 29th February 2021Offers on all products and accessories
Flipkart Cooling days6th to 8th March 2021Beat your summer with up to 65% off on Airconditioners, Aircoolers, Fans, etc
Women’s day sale7th to 8th March 2021Wide range of offers on electronics
Furniture sale3rd to 10th March 2021Up to 70% off on all home and office furniture
Vivo carnival10th to 13th March 2021Get exciting deals and offs on Vivo smartphones
Dishwasher Days13th to 16th March 2021Low-cost EMI on dishwashers you buy
Big shopping days19th to 22nd March 2021Budget-friendly products on Flipkart
Great Deals on Mobiles23rd to 26th March 2021Exclusive deals on Mobiles
Flipkart Holi sale20th March 2021Get 20% to 40% off on electronics
Super Coolings day15th to 30th May 2021,5th to 9th June 2021Find great deals on ACs, Refrigerators and many more
Flipkart Summer SaleMid-April 2021Get offers on fashion products, electronics on this summer
Flipkart Big shopping days13th to 16th March 2021Fascinating offers on various products for big shopping
Laptop sale21st to 27th May 2021Get top branded laptops at lower prices ever!
Super coins day5th to 7th June 2021Up to 40% off on laptops and additional Flipkart coins for next purchase
Big savings days18th to20th September 2021The biggest sale of products in June!
Grand kitchen sale1st to 6th July 2021,18th to 20th August 2021Get 30% off on all kitchen appliances
Best of Season sale8th to 12th July 2021Best sale on Flipkart, Flat 80% off on all products
WhirlPool days10th to 13th July 2021Get Low-cost EMI on all appliances of Whirlpool brand
Monsoon Appliances Dhamaka24th to 29th July 2021Up to 75% off on all products
Flipkart Freedom sale10th to 12th August 2021Great deals on electronics and clothing
Intel days24th to 27th August 2021Offers on Intel Laptops and PCs
RealME Youth sale24th to 28th August 2021,24th to 28th December 2021Exclusive offers on RealME smartphones and accessories
Flipkart Christmas sale25th December 2021Celebrate the Christmas with exciting offers
Flipkart end of year sale29th to 31st December 2021Astonishing offers on products at the end of the year!
Table – Flipkart upcoming sale 2021


Image – Flipkart upcoming sale 2021

Flipkart upcoming sale 2021-Flipkart Republic day sale. It is one of the most exciting sales from Flipkart.

This Republic day sale usually takes place every year in the month of January especially during the week of occurrence of Republic day.

The republic day sale on Flipkart is expected to begin from 19th and goes on till 22nd January 2021 midnight. Let us look into the highlights and offers of this sale.

You will find a wide range of discounts on electronic gadgets, home appliances, clothing, etc. The list of offers include:

  • Shirts and trousers: Up to 80% off
  • Watches: prices start from Rs.399
  • Ethnic wear: Flat 50% off
  • Laptops and PCs: up to 40% discount
  • Camera and accessories: Up to 80% off
  • Air conditioners: starting from Rs.18,000 and more
  • Television sets: 45% off

These offers are applicable to the existing users and Flipkart plus members get extra advantage of early access to offers and discounts before the sale begins.

You also get the No cost EMI on this sale for shopping. Wait for the republic day sale and shop for products with discounts.


Image – Flipkart upcoming sale 2021

Flipstart days is the next upcoming sale on Flipkart in 2021. Flipstart days are another exciting sales on Flipkart to people.

Flipstart days sales frequently take place on Flipkart and usually take place for a few days at the start of the month.

During these sales, you will find various offers and discounts for products on the Flipkart website. This sale usually begins from the 1st to 3rd day of every month.

Let us know in detail about various offers provided by Flipkart.

  • Baby Care Products: Up to 70% off
  • Toys and Stationary: Starting from Rs.69
  • Grooming essentials: 25% to 60% off
  • Food and Beverages: Up to 70% off
  • Home Decoration products: Starting from Rs.59
  • Kitchen and Dining Products: Starting from Rs.69
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings: Starting from Rs.69
  • Sarees and Kurtas: 50% to 70% off
  • Jackets, T-shirts and Jeans: 40% to 70% off

On Flipkart, you can find a wide range of offers on various offers and discounts on various products such as Baby Care products, Toys and stationary, Home Decoration, Bathroom and Kitchen products, etc.

You can find a wide range of products for the first three days of every month. Get exciting offers on Flipkart at the start of the month. 


Image – Flipkart upcoming sale 2021

Flipkart Upcoming sale 2021-Valentine’s day sale. As the valentines day is a special occasion worldwide, Flipkart is celebrating this day and share their excitement with people through valentines day sale on their website.

Make this day special by shopping for products on Valentine’s day fashion sale on Flipkart. Let us look in detail at the various offers and discounts of the products on Valentine’s day sale. 

  • Electronics: Up to 60% off
  • Grocery and Essentials: Up to 55% off
  • Fashion Accessories: Up to 80% off
  • Home Appliances: Up to 45% off
  • Memory Gadgets: Minimum 20% off
  • Gift items: Up to 90% off

Other than these, Flipkart provides other giveaways such as coupons, cashback on shopping, Flipkart coins, and many more on shopping on Valentine’s day sale.

This valentine’s day sale is expected to occur on 14th February 2021. Present your beloved ones with the gifts purchased on Valentine’s day sale on the Flipkart website.


Image – Flipkart upcoming sale 2021

Flipkart Upcoming sale 2021-Women’s day sale. As women are honoured and glorified, women’s day is a day dedicated to them. Flipkart also honours and celebrates the women’s day with great and trending deals on various products.

Especially you can find offers on women clothing and accessories. Let us look in detail on various offers of products on Women’s day sale.

  • Shoes, sandals: 40% to 80% off
  • Sarees, kurtas and ethnic wears: 50% to 80% off
  • Beauty and Grooming accessories: Up to 90% off
  • Sports shoes: up to 70% off

Celebrate women’s day this year by purchasing products on Flipkart for mothers, sisters, wife and share your love with them. Get exciting coupons and super coins along with the products.


Image – Flipkart upcoming sale 2021

Flipkart upcoming sale 2021-Flipkart Holi sale. As Holi is a festival of colours, Flipkart provides various products on offers and discounts to groom your home on this festive season.

Spread the happiness of Holi by shopping on Flipkart Holi sale on Flipkart website. This sale usually takes place every year on Flipkart and in 2021 the Flipkart Holi sale is expected to be on 20th March 2021.

Let us know about various offers and discounts of products on Flipkart Holi Sale 2021. 

  • Laptops: Up to 20% off on all top brands
  • PCs and peripherals: Up to 40% off

Celebrate the Holi this year by shopping electronic goods on Flipkart Holi sale on Flipkart website. 


Image – Flipkart upcoming sale 2021

Flipkart upcoming sale 2021-Flipkart Freedom sale. As the name of the sale says, this sale usually takes place every year on Flipkart at the time of Independence days.

This year 2021, is expected to take place from 10th August 2021 and goes on till 12th August 2021 midnight. Let us know about the offers and discounts on the Flipkart Freedom sale 2021. 

  • Mobile Phones: Up to 30% off
  • Television sets:  Up to 60% off
  • Laptops and PCs:  30% to 40% off
  • Camera and Accessories: Up to 50% off
  • Refrigerators: Up to 35% off
  • Air conditioners: Up to 45% off
  • Kitchen Appliances: Up to 50% off

Get a wide range of offers and discounts on various products such as kitchen appliances, Electronic gadgets, Refrigerators and many more on the special occasion of independence day on Flipkart website.

As a part of additional savings, you will get compliments such as Exchange offers on your old products, cashback, coupons, Gift vouchers, Flipkart coins, Total damage protection, etc.

Feel proud to be an Indian and shop on Flipkart freedom sale on Independence day.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on FLIPKART UPCOMING SALE 2021

  1. Why Flipkart is considered as the best online shopping site?

    Flipkart provides various goods such as groceries, clothes, accessories, home appliances, electronic gadgets and many more. They are considered as the best online shopping site as they satisfy the customers with products and services and popular among people as well.

  2. What are the upcoming sales on Flipkart in 2021?

    Flipkart provides various sales for various occasions in the year 2021. The sales on Flipkart such as republic day sales, valentine’s day sales, Diwali sale, Christmas sale excite people to shop more online on Flipkart.

  3. What kinds of offers do I get on these sales on Flipkart?

    On Flipkart, you can find various offers such as free shipping, 60% to 80% off on clothes, cashback on purchase of electronic gadgets, Flat 60% off on using credit/debit card of the specified bank, etc.

  4. Can I return or replace the delivered product on Flipkart, if not satisfied?

    Yes, Flipkart provides the feature of return or replace where you can return the product or replace it if you are not satisfied with the product within a specific time.

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