Dominos train delivery – 2 Best ways to get Dominos pizza in train

Dominos train delivery

Dominos train delivery is one of the most discussed topics among Indians. Most people love to eat a pizza right. There are a lot of people who love pizza than anything in their life.

And let me ask you a question, from where do you get the best pizza in India? Let me confess to you that Dominos produces the best pizza in this world according to my presumption. And is there anyone who doesn’t like pizza?

Now let’s have a look at the pizza delivery giant Dominos. Dominos pizza is an American-based pizza delivery chain that was founded in the year 1960. Dominos pizza has its outlets in more than 83 countries worldwide and works in more than 5000 cities in this world.

Dominos pizza delivery has more than 15,000 stores in this whole world. Can you imagine that? Ok, do you know why Domino’s has this much popularity? It’s due to their incomparable taste provided to the customers.

Domino’s provides not just pizzas but several other items too. They provide chicken wings, garlic bread, cheese shots, etc. They also have a wide variety of items under the desert category. 

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Dominos train delivery
Image – Dominos train delivery

Dominos train delivery is one of the most interesting topics to discuss about. It is an unofficial fact that food unites people. Have you ever struggled to start a conversation with anyone? Ok, let me give you a free tip.

The best way to open a conversation is by talking about food. That might sound crazy but trust me it works. Everybody loves to eat and explore different types of food. People who haven’t ever tasted a pizza will be rare.

For those people who haven’t had a pizza in their life, I strongly recommend them to have a slice of Dominos pizza. Dominoes is one of the top pizza delivery chains in the whole world. There are lots of people who love the taste provided by Domino’s Pizza.

How can we buy a Dominos pizza? We can buy through their retail stores, online, food delivery partners, etc. If we order a Domino’s pizza online, you will get your pizza at the destination mentioned by you. What if you are traveling on a train?

It is a fact that the food that we get on most of the trains is unhygienic and tasteless. It will be a dream for each and every traveler on a train to have their favorite Dominos pizza during their travel. And be happy to know that Dominos delivers its pizza to your train.

Dominos pizza delivers their pizza to the train on which you are traveling. You just have to provide the basic details to get your Dominos pizza. There are several methods to order your Dominos pizza to your train. Let’s have a look at one of the most popular method:

Dominos train delivery THROUGH DOMINOS APP:

1. Open your Domino’s application. If you don’t have the Domino’s application you can install it from the play store or from the App Store. If you don’t want to install the application then you may use the official Domino’s website.

2. If you are a new user, you have to create your Domino’s account by simply providing your mobile phone and verify it through an OTP.

3. After you successfully login to your Domino’s account, you have to choose the delivery on train option. This option is generally found on the top right side.

4. After you select the deliver on train option, you will be directed to a page on which you have to enter your PNR number. The reason why they ask your PNR number is to ensure your seat number, train number, details about platforms, etc.

5. After providing your PNR number, you will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions of IRTC ordering. 

6. After accepting the terms and conditions click on submit button and then you will be directed to a new page in which you can select the station to which you want your pizza to be delivered.

7. The next is the most interesting part – choosing your favourite Domino’s Pizza.

8. After you set up your favourite Domino’s Pizza click on view cart and make sure everything is according to your order.

9. Then choose the payment method as cash on delivery and click on order button.

10. And that’s it, you have ordered your pizza and the most delicious Dominos pizza will be delivered to you as fresh as it could be.

Dominos train delivery THROUGH IRTC APP:

1. In order to order your Domino’s Pizza through the IRCTC app, you have to open your IRTC application. If you haven’t installed the IRTC application, then you may install it from the play store or App Store. You can even use the official website of IRCTC catering to order Domino’s Pizza.

2. Next, enter your PNR number and click on the next arrow.

3. You will be directed to a page on which the details of your train will be provided. And there you can find the list of stations in which you can order your food.

4. Choose the station in which you want your food to be delivered and when you select the station you can see a list of restaurants. Find the Dominos pizza from that list and proceed.

5. Next is the most interesting part in which you have to choose your favourite Domino’s Pizza.

6. Next, have a look at your order summary and click on the Next button.

7. Then you will be redirected to another page in which you have to provide the passenger’s information like the name of the passenger, contact number, email ID, etc.

8. Next, confirm your order and choose any kind of payment method available. After you finish ordering, you will receive your delicious Domino’s Pizza right in front of your seat.


Dominos train delivery
Image – Dominos train delivery

Dominos train delivery is one of the most wanted pieces of information on the internet. Domino’s pizza is one of the most popular pizza delivery chains in India with more than a thousand stores in India. Dominos pizza is really famous among people who love pizza.

Most of the people who have tasted a Domino’s Pizza will never forget their experience. It is really difficult to explain the test of a Domino’s Pizza. One thing I can assure you that you will never be disappointed in having a Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza is the favorite among vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. They have a wide variety of pizzas available for people. The most interesting feature of Dominos pizza is that you can customize your pizza according to your interest. Isn’t that a little surprising?

I mean how many restaurants will cook the food according to your interest? But Domino’s Pizza allows you to customize your pizza from the base to the toppings.

You can choose your favorite pizza and start customizing it right from the base itself. You can choose either new hand-tossed pizza/wheat thin crust pizza/cheese burst pizza/fresh pan pizza/Classic hand-tossed pizza.

These are the five types of basis provided by Domino’s to you. Remember, each type of base has different price ranges which will be mentioned along. Then you can choose the size of your pizza. Generally, Dominos provides three sizes of pizzas to you.

There is a regular size which is suitable for one person, a Medium size which serves people, and a large size which serves more than two people. Next, you can choose extra cheese if you like also.

Then comes the most interesting part where you can choose your toppings. You can add any type of toppings to your pizza and on selected pizzas, you can even replace any topping with another.

Always remember that not every pizza provides you with an option to replace a topping. But you can always add any topping other vegetarian or nonvegetarian toppings to your pizzas at a fixed rate.

All these are the main reasons why you should choose a Domino’s pizza rather than pizzas from any other restaurant. And this is one of the main reasons for the huge popularity of Domino’s Pizza among people.


Dominos train delivery
Image – Dominos train delivery

Dominos Train delivery is one of the most wanted pieces of information by Indian youngsters. According to recent surveys, Dominos is rated as the best pizza delivery food chain in India.

Jubilant Foodworks Ltd has the main franchise for almost every Dominos store available in India. Dominos provides the best pizzas in this world and there is no doubt about it. Have you ever wondered about the huge popularity of Dominos pizzas?

In order to have an answer to this question, you have to take a slice of Dominos pizza to your mouth. Just close your eyes and feel the taste of a Dominos Pizza.

You can feel the real goodness of cheese, farm-fresh vegetables, and nonvegetarian products, the most beautiful pizza crust, and what more do you want? The pizza provided by Dominos has its signature style of serving it hot.

Have you received a cold hard pizza from Dominos? If you have received then it might not be from Dominos. Because Dominos is very strict on providing the best pizza to their customers.

Dominos believes that serving a pizza directly from the oven with melted cheese and the smell of fresh toppings will satisfy the minds of people. These are some of the reasons why Dominos has huge popularity among people.

They serve the best food to their customers. Also, the customer service by Domino’s agents is also the most heartwarming.

They are ready to answer any query of you regarding the pizza. They may even suggest the best combination to you. And don’t forget that Dominos not only provides you with us.

They have other side dishes like chicken wings, peri-peri chicken, Crinkle fries, choco lava cake, Garlic breadsticks, Pepsi, etc. If we start to enlist each and every item provided by Domino’s, then you will be surprised. So let’s talk about the pizza itself.

Have you ever tried each and every pizza crust provided by Dominos? If you haven’t, then you must definitely try it. Let’s start with new hand tosses crust. Most of you might be aware of the term hand-tossed.

That means the base of your pizza will be toast with the help of hands and you need a good amount of practice and concentration to do this. Next is the fresh pan pizza and let me tell you that this is the softest pizza you will ever eat in your entire life.

Next is the Wheat thin crust pizza which is most suitable for those people who are conscious about their health.

Every other pizza crust is made of refined flour which some people may consider to be unhealthy. For those people, they have this wheat thin crust which will be healthy. Next is the classic had toast crust which is more similar to the new hand-tossed crust.

In both the crusts, the base will be tossed on your hands which will be a treat to your eyes. Last but not least here comes the game changer cheese burst crust.

I have no words to describe this crust, but you will experience the real heaven when you have the first bite at your cheese crust pizza. This is the best crust provided by Dominos pizza.

There are several other competitors for Dominos pizza in India and even they provide the cheese burst crossed. It will be difficult to distinguish between cheese and crust in those pizzas. We may even doubt the existence of cheese in those pizzas.

But Dominos is the best place where you can get a pizza with lots of cheese and fresh toppings. Buy a Dominos pizza with cheese burst crust and trust me you will be addicted to it more than anything in your life.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About DOMINOS TRAIN DELIVERY

  1. Does Dominos delivers pizza to the train?

    Yes, Domino’s Pizza delivers their pizza right in front of your seat.

  2. Is it complicated to order Domino’s Pizza to a train?

    Not at all, you don’t have to worry about your order, your delivery partner will provide your favorite Domino’s Pizza at a sharp time.

  3. Do I have to get out of the train or look for the delivery partner in the railway station?

    No, you don’t have to get out of your train. Your delivery partner will find your seat by the PNR number provided by you.

  4. Are there any other pizza delivery food chains delivering their pizza to train?

    Till now, there are no other reputed pizza delivery chains delivering their pizzas to the train.

  5. What makes Domino’s Pizzas the most popular?

    Definitely, the taste and presentation make Domino’s Pizza most popular among people.

  6. How can I order Domino’s Pizza to my train?

    You can order your favorite Domino’s Pizza to the train through Domino’s application or I RTC catering application.

  7. Can I order Domino’s pizza for my friend travelling by train?

    Yes you can, but make sure with PNR number provided by you is correct.

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